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01 July 2015 Guest Blogger

As Magento specialists, Media Lounge give their thoughts on the upcoming Magento 2, looking at both the benefits and challenges...

Do you remember that back in 2011 eBay took over Magento? Now a few years down the road and we’re eagerly anticipating the eCommerce stork's delivery of the all new Magento 2. We were keen to find out exactly what to expect and more importantly what impact it might have on our clients’ businesses here are just a few educated guesses to whet your appetite…Media_Lounge_image-1


For a start, we think Magento 2 will be much better at adopting modern technologies, which is great news with the eCommerce marketplace evolving so quickly. That means our clients should benefit from much faster page load times, for example.

Here at Media Lounge we also also predict there will be increased scope for multiple admin users which will definitely be an asset for increasing efficiency and team productivity for our clients’ Magento stores. Other bonus features are likely to boost Magento’s smoother faster operation, such as full page cache. 


The majority of Magento users will be delighted to hear that Magento 2 is being designed to simplify features such as customisation and integration of third party databases, as well as installation and upgrades which again, is fantastic news. It’s also worth mentioning that there will still be both community and enterprise versions.

So there’s a lot of good news to look forward to.



More challenging issues for users without programming experience are likely to come from the changeover itself. There will probably not be automation for switching from Magento 1 to Magento 2, mainly due to customisation problems. However, tools will be provided to aid the transition, and support will continue to be provided for Magento 1 for 3 years after the new version has been released. There will always be plenty of help on hand from Media Lounge too, of course.

The best idea is to switch early if you’re an experienced Magento user who wants to get involved in the polishing and tweaking of the final version, but if you really need stability and you prefer to deal with a finished version of Magento 2, wait until the development stage is complete and things have settled down a bit before changing over.

New versions and upgrades are always prone to prompt complaints as well as compliments, but on the whole we think Magento 2 is going to be well worth the wait, providing eCommerce store owners and Magento customers with an improved platform and a smoother experience. In the meantime, we watch and wait!

 If you'd like more information on Magento and the work that Media Lounge do, check out their blog

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