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03 November 2015 Amy

Here at Sage Pay we listen.  And what’s important to you, is important to us.  That’s why we recently asked for your feedback on how we can further help you to manage fraud on your Sage Pay account.

Last year we found that UK SME’s lost nearly £18 billion to fraud, at an average of £3,450 per business. That’s a lot of money to lose unnecessarily when cashflow is key.  We want to provide you with the very best and latest fraud prevention tools in order to combat crime, attract more customers and safeguard your revenue.

From today, you'll see some important changes to your fraud management tools within MySagePay:

Finely tuned to perform better than ever

-  Fraud rules are now more accurate at predicting the level of risk of each transaction, to help you make informed decisions over which to accept and which to decline so that you are protecting your business from fraud but not turning away any genuine customers. 

More information, more insight

-  New rules introduced to provide further insight on your transactions.

-  Using 3D secure? We've now encorporated the 3D Secure result into the risk level of each transation.

Details you need to make decisions faster

-  We've cut out the technical jargon. All fraud rules now come with easy to understand explanations.

-  You’ve got better things to do than waiting in a queue to our Customer Support team.  Now everything you need to make a decision will be displayed in MySagePay. 

To see these updates in action:

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