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A Token Payment

21 July 2010

This month I’ve been thinking about PCI compliance (I can hear the widespread groans from here!).  Not a popular topic I’ll admit, but one that is crucial to online traders.  Payment Card Industry compliance is infamous for being a costly overhead, both in time and money.  But more than anything it’s a burden.  The responsibility of storing or transmitting data can be a huge worry but many vendors feel that they need to do so in order to provide their customers with a slick payment process.

But this doesn’t need to be the case!  Using our newly launched Token System, e-tailers have the ability to offer a super quick, single click payment process for customers, without actually storing or transmitting personal information such as credit card details.  This means that you can maintain great customer usability whilst ensuring that you won’t encounter any data security issues.  Hurrah!

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