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Rip up your paper invoices and download Sage Pay's FREE Guide to e-Invoicing now...

04 June 2014

With consumers favouring cashless payments and the increased cost to a business of handling cash, the business case for adopting e-Invoicing is stronger than ever.  E-Invoicing can help improve your cashflow and reduce late invoices - in just four easy steps...

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Cheques, cash and paper invoices are dead- Get paid faster in 3 steps

09 April 2014

The Irish government has been working with the Central Bank to put together a plan to promote innovative and secure online payment methods and reduce the reliance on cash and cheques...

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Small businesses in the UK are owed £55bn in late invoices …

06 March 2014

Late payments are damaging thousands of small and medium sized businesses across the country. The scale of the problem is large and is increasing. The latest study carried out by Sage Pay in December 2013 concluded that nationally, SMBs were out of pocket to the tune of £55 billion. This means that the average business is owed over £11,000.

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UK SMB’s owed more than £55 billion due to unpaid or outstanding invoices. Keep your cash flowing with e-invoicing…

05 March 2014

Are you one of the 67% of small businesses still using paper invoices?  If that’s the case, you’re likely to be owed a substantial amount of money. And as a business, you’ll understand exactly what we mean when we say that cashflow is everything

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New Year, New Business? Sage Pay-The Benefits

10 January 2014
Sage Pay

Every day we speak to hundreds of businesses all looking for advice on how to get their online business up and running, and the one question we get time after time is what are the benefits of using Sage Pay?

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