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Upgraded Fraud Screening Tools

03 November 2015

Here at Sage Pay we listen.  And what’s important to you, is important to us.  That’s why we recently asked for your feedback on how we can further help you to manage fraud on your Sage Pay account.

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Fraud-good for business?

13 June 2014

Fraud is always a hot topic for online businesses and its about to get hotter, as we found that more than 40 percent of businesses have experienced fraudulent activity in the past year, with each losing an average of £4500.

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Free Webinar - Mobile fraud

14 March 2014

With more mobile phones in the world than people, the number of consumers purchasing via smart phones and tablets is on the increase.

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Want to know the secret to online success...?

05 February 2013
Sage Pay

It’s a really exciting day at Sage Pay HQ as we launch our 2013 e-Business Benchmark Report.  The report has been a long time in coming and we’re finally ready to unveil our findings!

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The postcode lottery...

17 December 2012
Sage Pay

Around Christmas, we see a huge increase in transactions and we know that fraudsters wait for these peak trading times to make their move, hiding within the data.  Sage Pay's Product Marketing Manager Moe Curmoula has been working with leading Fraud Prevention service ReD on bespoke fraud packages and gives us an insight below into their Fraud Hotspot Map.

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Tags: fraud map, fraud hotspot, online fraud, ecommerce, fraud, Hot Topic, e-commerce

Christmas Cyber Crime

07 December 2012
Sage Pay

This week, I spoke to Sage Pay's Security and Fraud expert Warren Barley to find out what advice he would give to online shoppers over the Christmas period.  He went one better and wrote us this helpful blog!

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Tags: sagepay, security, online fraud, ecommerce, fraud, Hot Topic, Cyber crime, e-commerce, Sage Pay

Sage Pays e-business benchmark - A first look...

14 September 2011

Getting a basic ecommerce site up and running may be simpler than it has ever been, but it’s surprising how many businesses become preoccupied with aesthetics, while the really crucial things, like how customers will actually pay for goods, end up as an afterthought.

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