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Dermacia -Our July Business of the Month

10 August 2015

When setting up a business, it’s likely that you’ll run up against lots of challenges which can be viewed as setbacks to your original plans.  But tackling these issues can lead to the kind of thinking that sparks innovation.

Dermacia is a family run pharmacy, health and beauty clinic and travel clinic - a one stop shop for all, providing lots of services for the local community via their highly skilled staff.

When they encountered hardware issues in-store, they used the opportunity to think big…

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Tags: Ebizmarts, ecommerce, contactless, Epos, apple pay, click and collect

10 tips for e-Commerce success..Part 1

17 September 2014
Guest Blogger

Website development and e-Commerce specialist’s BizzyFizzy offer their 2-part blog on the 10 tips for e-Commerce success….

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Tags: ecommerce, top tips

On-site or off-site payments: Which should you choose?

18 August 2014
Guest Blogger

E-commerce agency, and one of our most trusted partners Evosite explains why it’s critical to consider how you take payments before you start developing your online presence...

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Tags: ecommerce, off-site payments, hosted payments,

WHITEPAPER: 4 places you're losing customers and how to avoid them

12 August 2014

Managing dropouts and plugging the holes where shoppers fall out of the buying cycle is crucial for any business. A few weeks ago, we revealed the 4 most common places where businesses are losing online customers.

But finding out where these dropouts occur is the easy part.  The reasons why, are ultimately how you can ensure browsers become buyers.

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Tags: ecommerce, dropout rates, Online conversion rates, conversion, boost sales

Top tips to help boost ticket sales and maximise your profits – with Tyg Tickets...

11 August 2014
Guest Blogger

The world of online ticketing can be a scary place, but at Tyg Tickets we strive to ensure that your journey is smooth and fuss free. With a selection of ticket and support packages to suit all needs and budgets, helpful ticket Wizards to guide you through set up and access to the system 24/7 – it's all in hand with Tyg Tickets.

If your business relies on ticketing, check out our top tips here:

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Tags: ecommerce, top tips, online ticketing, boost sales

A typical sales transaction – how do you compare?

17 June 2014
Guest Blogger

As an online business, how much of your end profit goes towards P&P? And are your profit margins higher or lower than the average business? Sage Pay partner iwoca breaks down the cost of a typical ecommerce transaction to provide some expert advice...

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Tags: ecommerce

Sage One and Sage Pay announce full integration to ease online payments processing

12 December 2013
Sage Pay

Today we’ve launched the full integration of Sage One and Sage Pay.

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Tags: online, integration, Sage One Accounts, ecommerce, Sage One, Sage Pay, Sage

Sage Pay unveils the profiles of UK shoppers to help retailers take advantage of the biggest Cyber Monday ever

29 November 2013
Sage Pay

It’s less than four weeks until Christmas, the shops are full of discounts and you’ve probably just been paid. Which means it’s the perfect time to start your Christmas shopping…

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Tags: online shopping, Cyber Monday, ecommerce, shoppers, Sage Pay, retail pyschology, mega monday

7 ways to decrease those online dropout rates...

20 August 2013
Sage Pay

Earlier this year, when we conducted our e-Business Benchmark report, we found that small businesses were converting just 6% of their website visitors into customers.

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Tags: Customer experience, sagepay, online shopping, stock, ecommerce, Sage Pay's e-business benchmark report, checkout, shoppers, dropout rates, Hot Topic, 3D Secure, e-commerce

Hot off the press...Sage Pay announces new omni-channel payment integration feature

16 August 2013
Sage Pay

It is increasingly the case that all businesses need to have a multichannel presence. Most new businesses today realise that success depends on the ability to follow and engage with customers wherever they are - these businesses are thinking about online, offline, telephone payments, mobile and social from day one.

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Tags: omni-channel, mobile commerce, multichannel, sagepay, online shopping, ecommerce, Simon Black, Hot Topic, card machines, stock management, reconciliation, e-commerce

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