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Drupal, Ubercart and Sage Pay. Sounds technical but it’s not just for Beards.

16 March 2015
Guest Blogger

If fame and fortune are the goals of your e-commerce website, or, at the very least, that you’d like it to be well-known and profitable, then it pays to look at other businesses who are performing famously online...

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Tags: Drupal, Drupal and Sage Pay integration, ubercart

Give your business a helping hand with Sage Pay’s Partner Directory

20 January 2014
Sage Pay

If finding a supplier to help you with your business systems sometimes feels like searching for a needle in a haystack, have a look through our new Partner Directory.

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Tags: Drupal, Hot Topic, magento, e-commerce, Sage Pay, Sage, Partner directory, Prestashop, Partner

FREE eBook- Getting started with Sage Pay and Drupal Commerce

29 October 2013
Sage Pay
Last month, in partnership with e-commerce specialist i-KOS , we announced the launch of the first official Drupal Commerce integration, enabling businesses large and small, to build truly flexible e-commerce websites. Read More

Tags: single-click checkout, multi-currency, Drupal 7, Drupal, mobile optimisation, Drupal Commerce, Hot Topic, 3D Secure, i-Kos, Drupal and Sage Pay integration, e-commerce, Sage Pay

Hot off the press...New Drupal Commerce Integration

20 September 2013
Sage Pay

Sage Pay has announced the launch of the first official integration module with Drupal Commerce, enabling businesses to take advantage of business growth tools such as multi-currency, mobile and social commerce via a single integration.

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Tags: Customer experience, multichannel, Drupal 7, Mobile, Drupal, Drupal Commerce, i-Kos, e-commerce, overseas

5 Things to know about Drupal Commerce

01 August 2012
Sage Pay

The positive aspects of Drupal are plentiful.  First and foremost, it is an excellent content management system that provides a powerful web publishing platform.  There are many different Drupal features that receive high acclaim, but its e-commerce capabilities are its best kept secret.

Richard from i-KOS

Drupal Commerce is an open source e-commerce framework.  It builds truly flexible e-commerce websites and applications based on Drupal, arguably the best platform for social commerce.

Richard Jones, Technical Director at e-commerce specialist, i-KOS, gives his insight on the five things you should know about Drupal Commerce:

1. It’s a framework, not a shopping cart

Drupal Commerce has all of the base functionality required of an e-commerce platform but does not dictate how you have to use it. Rather than adapting your website and business to the requirements of the software, you can control the customer experience to match your business requirements.

2. Open Source therefore license cost-free

Drupal Commerce is truly free to use. There are no enterprise or pro versions and no locked-out features.  This makes it the ideal choice for keeping business costs down.

3. Open Source equals free to modify

If something doesn't work the way you need it to, you can modify the behaviour as you have direct access to the source code. Doing so does not violate a license, so you can tweak things as and when you need to.

4. Community Support

Thousands of Drupal developers are available worldwide, so you are not locked into a specific vendor. This means you can also work to your own release schedule, rather than waiting for a vendor to implement the feature you need. The community has a track record of reacting incredibly quickly to new web trends.

 5. Built on top of Drupal

You can leverage all of the other Drupal CMS / Framework features. There are over 15,000 modules available, so it is easy to implement communities, a blog, social media and many more features.

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Tags: open source, CMS, Drupal, Guest Blog, i-Kos, e-commerce, Sage Pay

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