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17 June 2015 Guest Blogger

Elementary Digital are a Sage Pay partner and digital agency specialising in Magento and WordPress (WooCommerce) e-commerce stores. Owen Radford, Online Marketing manager explains why they recommend Sage Pay and its Magento integration over other payment providers...

Magento is a great system for e-commerce businesses – flexible, powerful and well supported. Without too much trouble you can get setup to take PayPal payments from within Magento. However, in order to fully realise its potential you need to implement a full payment gateway. This will help your store look more professional, be secure and provide a means to accept payment from your customers. Whilst it’s true that non-PayPal users can use a variety of cards to pay via their gateway, not every customer will know this – a potential cause of lost sales.Elementary

At Elementary Digital, we’ve been using Sage Pay with Magento for over six years and we’ve learnt how effective their payment solution can be. In this post I’m going to explain why we use it and how as a growing digital agency, with a rapidly expanding portfolio of clients running Magento, it benefits us and our clients.


We fully believe in the power of systems such as WordPress with WooCommerce and Magento over bespoke systems for e-commerce. So when we come to implement a payment gateway, we want to use a thorough, tested and trusted system. Fortunately a plugin for WordPress and an extension for Magento have already been made (in addition to integrations for other popular systems including Shopify, Drupal and Opencart).

If you’re part of the Sage ecosystem the integration with other Sage products can make the choice a no-brainer for our clients!


When it comes to online security in a payment gateway there are two primary areas of concern. Protecting customers details from hackers and defending yourself against fraudulent transactions. In the case of the latter you no-doubt know that once a chargeback is levelled against you there’s very little you can do if you don’t have a thorough fraud prevention system in place. Sage Pay’s fraud prevention tools go beyond the basics and allow customisable rules for AVS and CV2 checks, all the way up to bespoke screening services that will help you identify, and block, patterns of fraudulent activity.

In the case of the former, Sage Pay can help tick another box towards becoming PCI compliant. This is obviously very helpful to clients with a million things to do!

Sage Pay

When it comes to selecting a payment gateway there are many options. So why do we recommend Sage Pay to our clients over the others?

  • Multiple currencies included at no extra cost.
  • Professional appearance - using PayPal can potentially make you look like a smaller, eBay level business. However, you can add PayPal as an option too, to be flexible for your customers.
  • Competitive fees.
  • Free set up.
  • Free anti-fraud tools – even at the basic account level.
  • Fast payments clearance – 2 days compared to a week or more with others.
  • Includes Sage Pay Tokenised Payments – allow customers to register their payment information for future purchases.
  • Straightforward system for managing refunds.
  • Support available – something you can struggle with on other providers and it's 24/7!

We’ve tested all payment gateways and always found Sage Pay to offer the best solution for Magento websites. That’s why we recommend Sage Pay – easy integration, professional, secure, good pricing and outstanding support. 

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