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02 November 2015 Amy

Sage Pay is proud and excited announce it's sponsorship of the Innovation Award at this year’s Mage Titan event.Designed by eCommerce platform and Sage Pay partner @Magento, the Mage Titans event is a special conference for, and in celebration of, Magento developers.  The event recognises the achievements of today’s developers and technology innovators.

Learn from the best

Sage Pay’s own tester and automation expert, Sarah Alhawi, will be at this year’s event, speaking about the principles of TDD (test driven development) and BDD (behaviour driven development) as well as how Sage Pay continuously delivers an unparalleled user experience.

Sarah will provide insight on different aspects of user testing; from the perspective of her fellow developers, to customers and business management people. As well as this, expect top tips on programming, day to day testing and work flows.

A forward-thinking technologist and a passionate tester, Sarah has adopted an Agile approach to working within an ever-changing and mobile environment.

She will be taking a Lightning Talk Slot at the Mage Titans Event..

We’ll be the judge

Always at the forefront of innovation, Sage Pay are pleased to sponsor the Mage Titan’s Innovation Award. We believe that the payments industry is driven by the people working within the technology sector – and those who are creative, bold and ready to push boundaries.

The Mage Titans Innovation Award recognises those within the technology sector who are doing just that.

 This year Sage Pay expert Rik Blacow will be judging the award. Rik has been working in technology since 1996 and has been with Sage Pay since 2008 .

He initially set up the QA function at Sage Pay and has been Head of Innovation Practice since 2012, focusing on future product , payment platform enhancements and getting the best out of the Sage Pay platform.

Mage Titans takes place in Manchester (UK), on Saturday November 7th.

For more information on the event and Sage Pay’s involvement, please visit:

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