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How to prepare for a cashless society

20 August 2015

The use of cash to pay for goods and services is falling rapidly in the UK as we dig out the plastic to make purchases. Are you ready for a world where cash is no longer king, and as a business, how can you make sure you’re ready?

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Tags: cashless society, the decline of cash, payments landscape

Creating a subscription service using Sage Pay and Magento

19 August 2015
Guest Blogger

When Sage Pay partner Digital Six were tasked with launching a new site for Athleat, the online home of quality fresh meat targeted at the health and fitness industry, they were asked to provide the flexibility for a fully customisable, online meat subscription service.  This is their story...

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Tags: recurring billing, Subscription service, Digital Six, Athleat, tokenised payments

Fintech innovation is key to Britain’s future – but is Bitcoin the answer?

13 August 2015
Sean Wilson

As Matt Ridley from The Times explained in his recent column, Britain needs to be producing its own technology systems – as large as Google, or is that now Alphabet? - in order to generate enough revenue to fund its future. Innovative technology, he says, is paramount to our financial future. One aspect of this innovation is fintech, and, even more specifically, cryptocurrencies. 

The biggest and most well-known cryptocurrency is without doubt Bitcoin, with an average of £40 million worth of global transactions being made each day...

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Tags: Payment Landscape Report, Fintech, Bitcoin

Will Bitcoin ever go mainstream? Our survey says...

12 August 2015

Probably not.

A year ago Bitcoin was the talk of the town, but while it remains the king of the cryptocurrencies, there's no real indication that it is ever going to be mainstream...

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Tags: Bitcoins

Dermacia -Our July Business of the Month

10 August 2015

When setting up a business, it’s likely that you’ll run up against lots of challenges which can be viewed as setbacks to your original plans.  But tackling these issues can lead to the kind of thinking that sparks innovation.

Dermacia is a family run pharmacy, health and beauty clinic and travel clinic - a one stop shop for all, providing lots of services for the local community via their highly skilled staff.

When they encountered hardware issues in-store, they used the opportunity to think big…

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Tags: Ebizmarts, ecommerce, contactless, Epos, apple pay, click and collect

Webinar: All I want for Christmas is… sales. We’ll show you how to get there.

05 August 2015
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Tags: christmas sales online, Sage Pay Webinar, christmas sales boost

Contactless hits the mainstream

03 August 2015

Contactless technology has now most definitely gone mainstream.  The momentum is undeniable...

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Tags: contactless

Sign up to our Late Payments Manifesto today and support small businesses!

31 July 2015

Last year we undertook some research to expose the damage that late payments are doing to small and medium sized businesses.

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Tags: late payments, Sage's Late Payments Manifesto

A Cashless Society-Fact or Fiction

29 July 2015

Using data from our 2015 Payments Landscape Report, we dispel the myths around the idea of a cashless society...

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Tags: cashless society

Should you go Bespoke or Open Source?

28 July 2015
Guest Blogger

The ecommerce solution that you chose completely depends upon to what level of functionality and flexibility you require - but, what are the pros and cons to both open source and bespoke? Sage Pay partner® offer their top 5 tips for choosing...

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Tags: open source, Guest Blog, Partner, Remarkable

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