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26 June 2015 Guest Blogger

My name is Maxime, I’m 19 and I’m a French student from Fontainebleau (77), near Paris. I’m studying International Trade and I’m at Sage Pay for an 8 weeks internship within the Marketing Team.

As a French student, this internship is part of my studies and I have to do it abroad. My mother is a Project Management Officer at Sage France so she helped me to find this internship but Sage Pay can offer these to all students.


The day

An average day for me begins at Sage Pay at 9am –much later than school. Entering this huge building and Ifeel so small, lots of people are in suits and I start to feel bad about wearing my sneakers. Three floors up, I open Sage Pay’s doors and enter a big office and I see everybody wearing everyday-clothes, it’s a relaxed environment – So no feeling bad about my sneakers anymore.

I was surprised that I was not just here to be the “coffee boy”, instead, I have a desk with a computer and work to do.

During this internship I have created product sheets, email copy, updating the customers’ database, writing tweets, going to meetings, managing a project, writing blog articles like this one. So I’m getting experience of lots of different things and I know that it will help me for the future.

At first I thought that it was just training for me to get some practice but I now understand that my work is as important as everybody else’s. And that’s great because I feel very integrated in the company as a part of the team, and not just an intern.

At lunch, I’m often invited to eat burritos with the team (SP says: ‘We feel its important to make it clear here that a varied diet is very important and that we don’t have burritos everyday - just every other day!)Office_copy

After an afternoon of hard work, cups of tea and laughter, the workday finishes at around 17:30pm. But it’s not really finished because they take me to the pub to catch up and have a drink. (SP says: ‘Again, not every day!). That’s when I understand that they are not just colleagues, they are friends too.

Conclusion and thanksmaxime-2

As a foreigner to the UK and an intern, you can feel very uncomfortable.  At the start of this internship I doubted myself but now I realise I shouldn’t. The team at Sage Pay have been so nice to me and they’ve helped me in lots of ways-showing me how they do things, making me feel welcome to the company and teaching me lots of skills.

I want to thank the Marketing Team for all the kindness that I have received and for all the things they taught me.

PS: I have to say that I was not forced to say these things, I have really enjoyed this internship and I think it has helped me grow in different ways. 

Maxime Ferreira aka Super Maxime

Intern in the Marketing Team


SP say: We absolutely loved having Maxime in the office-although he seems to think eating burritos is an integral part of the workplace!

Internships are crucial for helping young people get experience in the workplace and we’re always happy to welcome students and support them as best we can.

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