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23 June 2015 Guest Blogger

Continuing our Magento theme for the month of June, our partners Branded3, a Digital Marketing agency working with the likes of Vue Entertainment and Virgin Holidays, have written this guest post.  Digital Director, Steve Shaw explains just what the Magento fuss is all about...

Magento commerce is one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms, listed as being used on more than 240,000 merchants worldwide. The success of the platform can be attributed to a passionate community as well as the recognition of its quality by owners eBay, who acquired Magento in 2011.Branded3-2

We’ve believed in the Magento platform since versions as early as 0.8; we saw a vision for an extensible and powerful eCommerce platform and Magento delivered.

Thanks to its enterprise-ready feature set, Branded3 have utilised the Magento platform for the majority of our eCommerce projects. The configurability of the catalogue structure means the platform is suitable for all types of businesses; from electronics to craft work, the catalogue supports holding the product attributes appropriate to any industry.

Having a solid catalogue strategy is essential to getting started on Magento, but once this is delivered, ensuring the use of merchandising concepts for cross-sell, up-sell and related products allows sites to grow and convert.

The open source nature of the platform is the foundation of one of its greatest strengths - the ability to extend the functionality with new modules and plugins. Magento has given this community a marketplace that allows developers to create and share new functionality, and for the most popular of the modules, to even make money from it.branded3_copy

The most popular plugins tend to be focused on enhanced marketing features such as abandoned basket functionality or CRM integrations with third-party email marketing platforms. These systems can be combined to create highly effective transactional websites.

Magento is capable of integrating with numerous payment providers globally; we have implemented Sage Pay on most of our solutions, thanks to the ease of use and level of integration. In enterprise solutions, the tokenised payment functionality to save card details for customers securely, so that they don’t have to re-enter details, means that repeat purchases are more likely.

Magento, Sage Pay and eBizmarts are all working together to provide integrated solutions that can bring the power of digital and the online experience into ‘brick and mortar’ stores. Following the lead of visionaries like Apple, stores are able to have multiple payment terminals within their store running on standard tablet-based hardware that allows customer to purchase when they are ready.

All this integrates with the central Magento platform, ensuring a single customer view and consistent customer experience.

The future for Magento is looking bright, with a roadmap for version 2.0 coming very soon. Magento is currently hosting its annual conference, MagentoLive, in London where industry experts and enthusiasts alike will join together to share experiences and ideas for the future ensuring that the platform remains relevant and effective as ecommerce continues to grow in popularity.  

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