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01 October 2015 Sean Wilson

Last week we launched our awareness campaign around Golden Week, a major holiday period in China. Apart from some of the staggering statistics associated with travel, spend and the sheer number of cards issued, there are some interesting things to consider for business owners, beyond this specific event...

Capturing the mighty Yuan may not be a revenue priority for all businesses, but it highlights a number of key considerations. Many of which have appeared in our annual Landscape Report, others are just common sense.

For example:

  • Functionality or solutions once considered niche or specialist, only available for the “big guys” no longer exists. Whether it is Apple Pay or Union Pay, these are fast becoming standard offerings from payments providers.
  • Think beyond the headline dates, Valentines Day, Back to School, Cyber Monday etc.. There is a continuous stream of special days or weeks during the year, some local others international or specialist.  If your proposition resonates, you can tap into the action with some forward planning.
  • Consumers have clear preferences on how and where they want to pay. They will make decisions on where they purchase on that basis.   

So “Ni Hao” to our Chinese visitors, and for more information on Golden Week, check out:

Sean Wilson
Head of Business Development



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