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19 August 2015 Guest Blogger

When Sage Pay partner Digital Six were tasked with launching a new site for Athleat, the online home of quality fresh meat targeted at the health and fitness industry, they were asked to provide the flexibility for a fully customisable, online meat subscription service.  This is their story...

The Project

From the outset, the priority was to make customers’ subscriptions easy to edit on all devices. This meant we needed to store users payment details securely and allow them to check out with as few steps as possible.

Tokenised Payments

The Sage Pay Tokenised Payment system allows Athleat to safely store customers’ payment details while remaining secure and PCI ­DSS compliant. When a customer signs up for a subscription, their payment details are converted into secure token and saved to their account. When they return to the site, they can check out using this saved data in a couple of clicks. As a result, a customer can log into their personal dashboard on their laptop, tablet or phone and edit their subscription in seconds.Athleat1

Recurring Payments (Continuous Authority)

Another requirement of the subscription service was that customers should be able to pick their preferred delivery date and frequency. The eBizmarts Recurring Payments extension, which integrates seamlessly with their excellent Sage Pay Suite Pro system, was the obvious choice. This formed the basis for the subscription system. Again, with only a few clicks, subscribers can log in and update their subscription.

Using Sage Pay’s Continuous Authority transaction types, Athleat can check a user’s payment details when they visit the site, but postpone taking the payment until their chosen subscription date. This gives users the flexibility to log-in whenever they want and change their order without the need to re­-enter payment details and only pay for the items that get delivered.Athleat2


Using the Ebizmarts Sage Pay Suite Pro extension, we were able to automate or simplify a lot of the backend administration of the site such as carrying out refunds and checking fraud information. Additionally, its support for Authenticate / Authorise transactions was vital in the development of the checkout process.

End Result

The end result is a beautiful modern ecommerce site which offers customers an easy and secure way to update their subscription across all devices. Thanks to Sage Pay’s token and recurring payment systems, we were able to get a functional prototype of the website running quickly. This reduced development time considerably and allowed us to get on with developing the bespoke features of the site. As a result of the new checkout and subscription process, recurring payments jumped from 10% to 60% of the website’s total revenue.


Digital Six®  is an ecommerce agency based in Edinburgh with clients located throughout the UK and Internationally. As one of the UK’s longest standing ecommerce specialists, they have over 12 years’ experience in ecommerce website design, development and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for online stores.
“Our mission is to cultivate wealth, profitability and brand loyalty for online retailers by creating unparalleled online experiences. We do this by building long term trusted relationships with our clients ­ offering skilfully crafted web systems, digital marketing and extensive ecommerce expertise.”

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