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Golden Week: Not the only golden opportunity for retailers

01 October 2015
Sean Wilson

Last week we launched our awareness campaign around Golden Week, a major holiday period in China. Apart from some of the staggering statistics associated with travel, spend and the sheer number of cards issued, there are some interesting things to consider for business owners, beyond this specific event...

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Fintech innovation is key to Britain’s future – but is Bitcoin the answer?

13 August 2015
Sean Wilson

As Matt Ridley from The Times explained in his recent column, Britain needs to be producing its own technology systems – as large as Google, or is that now Alphabet? - in order to generate enough revenue to fund its future. Innovative technology, he says, is paramount to our financial future. One aspect of this innovation is fintech, and, even more specifically, cryptocurrencies. 

The biggest and most well-known cryptocurrency is without doubt Bitcoin, with an average of £40 million worth of global transactions being made each day...

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The turning tide of the Payments Landscape

27 May 2015
Sean Wilson

It’s been on the cards for some time now, but figures just released from The Payments Council cement it: 2015 is the year cash definitively loses its crown to digital. The technology bellwether that is Apple is also entering the payments sector, and with contactless continuing to rise, it’s clear there is more appetite than ever amongst consumers to ditch cash in favour of the convenience and speed of new and innovative payments types.

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