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24 October 2013 Sage Pay

Customer service can make or break a business.  We’ve all heard, or experienced our own horror stories, and poor service is something that should be a thing of the past for Sage Pay customers.

Colin Mould- He knows good service.

colinmouldI've been with Sage Pay for over 5 years now and I’m pleased with how much our customer service offering has changed and improved in this time. So much so, that we’ve recently been voted in the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service- measuring us on the quality of the interaction that we give to our customers.  We don’t know where in the Top 50 we’ve placed yet, but some of our agents that work on the ground answering calls, will be off to the awards tonight, dressed in their finest, to find out.

Over the last five years we've employed over 100 people, with each new starter going through the Sage Pay Academy to provide them with the skills and training they need to handle the calls we get in. We were also first in our industry to provide to offer free 24/7 telephone support.

We now take around half a million calls and emails annually and customers wait on average 10 seconds for their call to be answered and under 2 hours for an email response. Something that I’m very proud of.

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning."
Bill Gates

It hasn't been an easy journey by any means and although we’re delighted with the accolade of been included in Top 50 Companies for Customer Service, there is always more we can do.  The majority of feedback I get is fantastic, but as with any large business dealing with over 50,000 customers and managing live server based systems, we do hit bumps in the road and occasionally somebody has a bad experience.

We want to continually improve so that every single customer doesn't just get a satisfactory service, but a truly extraordinary one.

If you have thoughts, comments or suggestions on our customer service offering or would like us to help you in new ways, I’d be really happy to hear from you at


Colin Mould
Head of Customer Services

Colin joined the Sage Pay team in 2007 as Head of Customer Services, overseeing the Customer Support, Priority Support and Merchant Services teams.  His teams have handled over 12 million queries from UK businesses during his time with Sage.

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