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04 March 2010 Amy

OmletFrom working at Sage Pay, my eyes have been opened to the changing trends of online retail.  Innovation has always been key to us and when we come across businesses that dare to be different and strive to innovate, we love to celebrate them.

In the past years the e-tail space was very much owned by electrical companies and travel.  But times are a-changing.  We’ve recently seen a huge surge in websites selling the weird and wonderful.  The online marketplace is now a wonderland of the exotic.  Fed up with your usual mid morning nibble?  You can now order snack size boxes of fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and dried treats online to arrive directly at your desk. has seen the demand for this and with all their food 100% natural, our office has been busily snacking their way to 5 a day.

Speaking of snacking, who would have thought 5 years ago you could have fresh cupcakes bought online and delivered directly to your door.  At Buttercup cake shop you can order every type of cake from chocolate peanut butter to banana split.  And because you never know when a cupcake craving might hit, you can place your order through their website in the morning and (if you’re in London) they’ll be zoomed over to you, by…well…later that morning!  You can even order an extra shot of icing (which makes up for not being able to lick the spoon!)

Fancy living The Good Life?  How about joining the urban farming trend by ordering a few hens online.  Relax by watching them potter about your garden whilst you enjoy fresh eggs on toast.  Or perhaps you like more excitment?  The latest buzz is Beekeeping.  Why not purchase a swarm of bees over the internet to begin your new hobby as an urban conservationist.

Omlet allow you to do just this and we think they are a true pioneer of the online space and this is why they have been chosen as our second Business of the Month!  Their innovative products are perfect for city dwellers who fancy a taste of the rural.  Their website is a complete knowledge base of everything and anything you need to know to become an 'eggs-pert'.  They also have a fantastic community forum where they actively encourage discussion on a number of topics.  Through the Omlet website you can pre-pay securely by card and then your bees are sourced locally and delivered to your door. Companies like Omlet prove that shoppers are demanding more from e-tailers and their sales are soaring.

Well done Omlet for ‘bee-ing’ Sage Pay’s March Business of the Month!


P.s Our friends at are offering a free snack box and your second half price!  Simply enter the code SAGEPAY to take advantage of this yummy offer!

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